ODERZO. 13.05.2021 18:30 (Italian time +3h) in occasion of the exhibition NO PLACEMENT will take place the WEBINAR OLTRE IL FUTURO / BEYOND FUTURE at CreArte Gallery with César Meneghetti, artist, Simonetta Lux, Art Historian, Lella Antinozzi, Art critic, Luisa Galdo, Editor of LUXFLUX magazine and videomaker, Federico di Porcia e Brugnera, gallerist. To PARTICIPATE CLICK LINK

GLAUBER CLARO@ cine esquema novo

PORTO ALEGRE 10-18.04.2021. GLAUBER, CLARO @14º CINE ESQUEMA NOVO – ARTE AUDIOVISUAL BRASILEIRA session “OUTROS ESQUEMAS” . The Mostra Outros Esquemas session takes place for the second time in Cine Esquema Novo – Brazilian Audiovisual Art. These are works that make our eyes glitter, that provoke and excite us. These are 12 films for which we […]


ODERZO/SAN PAOLO/WORLD. NO_PLACEMENT a virtual solo exhibition on show @CrearteGallery. 10th March till 10th May 2021. Niamey, Keita, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Venice, Rome, Recife, San Paolo are some of the “elsewhere” crossed by César Meneghetti. Through his lens, the images become the perception of a non-existent landscape and investigate the dimension of “dislocation” through the […]


RE-ACT. Virus Art Attack is a virtual exhibition project on display on the social networks of Studio Arte 15, during the long quarantine period due to Covid-19. Studio Arte 15 is an entrepreneurial company, all female, with headquarters in Rome and Dubai that operates in the field of contemporary art with experience in curating of […]


RIO DE JANEIRO. 24.02.2021. The documentary “Glauber, Claro”, which promotes a critical dialogue with the film “Claro”, which Glauber Rocha directed in Rome in 1975, premieres this year at Curta !. In the feature, director César Meneghetti brings together part of the team that participated in the production at the time to watch it again […]

GLAUBER, CLARO Five Award Winner @15° Festival Aruanda

JOÃO PESSOA. 18 December 2020. GLAUBER, CLARO directed by César Meneghetti has won the BEST FILM AWARD @ 15 ° Festival Aruanda do Audiovisual Brasileiro. Also the documentary was awarded for BEST EDITING (Willem Dias) BEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Eugenio Barcelloni) BEST SCREENPLAY (César Meneghetti) and BEST CHARACTER CHOICE.


TEHERAN. December 8th- 15th, 2020. Glauber, Claro directed by César Meneghetti and produced by Renato Ciasca and Beto Brant has been officially selected @”Cinema Vérité” 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival. The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films.